Chart Shows Which Olympic Sponsors were Winners

Posted on August 23, 2012


The 2012 Olympics was undoubtedly one of the most viewed events this year.  People stayed home to watch their favorite athletes go for the gold.  With all those eyed glued to their screens, the Olympics generated some top dollar advertising campaigns.  As a publisher of business charts, DaVinci Business Graphics shares with you our business chart of the day: which Olympic sponsors were winners this year?


Now that the Olympics have come to a close, we can see which sponsors won the gold for their Olympic advertising campaigns, and which went home empty-handed.

This chart shows that McDonalds was mentioned the most by media outlets during the Games.

For the most mentions on social media sites during the Games, McDonalds won again, beating out P&G and Coca Cola.

This graph shows the percentage of negative and positive press that each sponsor received during theGames.

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