Giant Maps are a Big Help in the Classroom

Posted on August 24, 2012


Educators have been asking themselves the same question for years: how do I engage my students in an activity that’s entertaining and educational?  Well, at DaVinci Business Graphics , we think maps can be both fun and informative.  Next time you’re thinking of a purchase for your classroom, consider a giant map.  These maps can help your students learn about geography, and enjoy themselves at the same time.  Here’s how:


Teaching your students doesn’t have to be all about lecturing.  Get your students involved using a giant sized map.  A large format wall map can help your students become immersed in a country they are studying.  The larger the map, the more details it shows; your students can easily identify lakes, rivers, borders, mountains, and cities.

Are you teaching a history lesson?  A large format wall map may be exactly what your classroom needs.  Your students can trace the journeys of Columbus and at the same time marvel at the vastness of the oceans that he traversed.  Have your students use fun markers to identify the countries within an ancient empire.  With giant wall maps, students get a better idea of just how big our world really is.

You can even place your giant map on the floor and create activities that incorporate physical movement to teach your students place names, physical geography, and cultural geography, as well as map reading skills.  Be creative in your classroom.  Use a giant map to help your students learn more about the world.

DaVinci Business Graphics carries wall maps of every area: world, continent, country, US, state, county, city, and metro area.  Our maps are printed in sizes up to 9×12 feet with a variety of finishing options: lamination, spring rollers, wooden framing.  Visit our map store in beautiful Orange County, California and we will help you find the right map for your classroom.

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