Use Charts to Organize Complex Sales

Posted on August 27, 2012


Business charts have countless uses.  One of the most practical ways to utilize a business chart is to create an organization chart for your complex sale.  DaVinci Business Graphics, one of the leading providers of maps and business charts, shows you how organizational business charts can help your team land that big sale. 

Graphic representations of a company/division structure are invaluable in a complex sale.  According to Dave Stein, CEO of ES Research Group Inc., “The most effective sales coaches I know refuse to help a rep with a deal unless they have an up-to-date organization chart.”

An organization chart displays the layout of a company, letting a sales rep know exactly who they are talking to and how much influence they have.  These charts can help reps manage complex sales and better understand the layout of the company they are dealing with.

Some sales training companies view organization charts as a critical component of their opportunity and account management approaches.  Next time one of your sales team members has a lead on a complex sale, encourage them to create an organization business chart.

For all your professional printing needs, consult DaVinci Business Graphics.  DaVinci prints the highest quality business charts , transforming your data into meaningful visuals.  Reinforce your marketing message or business data with one of our charts.

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