Carrier Route Maps Help Maximize Postal Discounts

Posted on August 28, 2012


Many businesses don’t know the advantages of using postal carrier route maps when designing advertising and marketing campaigns.  But mailing to carrier routes helps your business save money on direct mail and get better responses.  DaVinci Business Graphics shows you how your business can take advantage of the money-saving power of postal carrier routes. 


If your business is thinking of sending out direct mail, you may want to invest in a postal carrier route map.  Carrier route maps mark the boundaries that the USPS uses to deliver mail.  Carrier routes contain all the addresses along a particular mail delivery route.  These routes all have unique shapes and 9 digit numbers.

When a business sends mail to 90% of a carrier route, the USPS classifies it as a saturation mailing.  This means the sender receives a postal discount that is usually 50-60% of normal postage rates.  Saturation mailings also require a minimum of 125 pieces per carrier route.

If you’re sending out direct mail, carrier route maps maximize postal discounts for your business.  But, carrier route maps can also increase the response rates of your direct mail.  Using demographics, you can identify the carrier routes that have the greatest numbers of your target demographic.  Rather than sending direct mail to a random carrier route, identify which route is most likely to respond to your direct mail.

DaVinci Business Graphics has been providing carrier route maps to businesses for over 25 years.  Our postal maps are the most accurate and are even used by the USPS.  We also offer demographic maps to help you identify the best neighborhoods to receive your direct mail.

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