Chart of the Day: Home Sales Hottest at OC Beaches

Posted on August 28, 2012


While the summer heat is coming to a close, things have not cooled near Orange County, California’s beaches.  According to a recent chart released by the OC Register, summer home sales near OC beaches experienced greater growth than any other area in the Southland.  DaVinci Business Graphics shares with you our Chart of the Day. 

DataQuick recently released numbers from its 22-day study of home sales in OrangeCounty.  The chart below gives you an idea of just how hot home sales were in OC’s beach towns.

In OrangeCounty’s beach towns, 644 homes sold over this time period (up 25% from last year).  Home sales in beach towns this summer accounted for 20% of the total home sales in OrangeCounty.

While the South Inland had more home sales than the beach cities—336 more sales to be exact—this was only about a 16% growth from the previous year.  South Inland also encompasses 19 ZIP Codes whereas the beach towns only include 17.

Home sales were also measured in North Inland—which sold 748 homes—and Mid-County—which sold 799 homes.  However, neither of these regions experienced the explosive growth that the beach towns did.  It looks like this summer was a popular time for OC residents to grab the beachfront property of their dreams.

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