City Spotlight: Haunted Chicago

Posted on August 31, 2012


DaVinci Business Graphics carries the largest selection of maps covering every area in the USA and worldwide.  When we aren’t printing maps to help others learn about geography and navigation, we are discovering new ways of using maps to represent important information.  How about a map marking all the supposedly haunted locations in the city of Chicago, IL


Many cities try to claim the title of most haunted city in America, but the title almost certainly belongs to Chicago.  No other city can boast even close to the number of ghosts found in Chicago. With a dark history of disasters, unexplained disappearances, and gangsters, Chicago is certainly the most haunted city in America.

The Chicago Fire

A great fire consumed the city in 1871.  Supposedly started by a cow that kicked over a kerosene lamp, the fire swept through the city, which apart from the downtown area was mostly composed of wooden shantytowns.  3 days later, after 100,000 people were left without homes, the fire began to die down.  The city was rebuilt on top of the shambles.  But such a disaster of this caliber certainly leaves a lasting, haunting legacy.

The Haunting of Al Capone

The gravesite of the man who once ruled Chicago is located in Hillside, Illinois.  In his final years, Al Capone claimed he was being haunted by the specters of former gangsters.  These supposed ghosts followed Al Capone to his grave.  Al Capone left a great imprint on the city of Chicago and perhaps the spirits of his victims, and maybe even Al himself, has left one too.

Jane Addams’ Hull House

Constructed in 1856, Hull House already had a supposedly haunted attic when it was purchased by Jane Addams in 1889.  The dead wife of Hull House’s first owner is thought to haunt the rooms, appearing as a “woman-in-white” ghost.  A story began circulating that a devil child was also born in one of the rooms.  When she owned the house, Jane Addams seemed to be more amused by these stories than frightened of them.

The Irish Castle

The castle is known by many names, but its haunting legacy dates back to the 1930’s when a young girl was rumored to have died within the castle’s walls.  In the 1960’s, a church parishioner saw the young girl in the church that had been built within the castle.   The two of them chatted for a few minutes and the young girl remarked that the place had changed much since she had lived there. The parishioner left the room and recalled that the church had been in the building for more than 20 years… the young girl couldn’t possibly have lived there!

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