Home Sales Double in 5 OC ZIP Codes

Posted on September 7, 2012


As home sales throughout the country fluctuate from hopeful to dismal, it seems like one little area of California is improving.  Orange County, California (where DaVinci Business Graphics is located) has seen home sales double in 5 ZIP Codes.  Today, we look at the statistics of these home sales, and how charting sales information like this can help your business. 


 The Orange County real estate market is booming, and we’ve got the stats to prove it.  According to QuickData, the cities that saw a doubling (or more than doubling) in home sales this July were Irvine, Newport Beach, Placentia, Anaheim, and La Palma.

In Irvine’s 92606 ZIP Code, home sales were up 183% compared to last year.  Newport Beach’s 92661 ZIP Code was up 140%.  Placentia, Anaheim, and La Palma’s ZIP Codes increased in the 100-105% range.  Out of OrangeCounty’s 83 ZIP Codes, 59 had year-over-year sales gains in the period and the average increase in home sales was 12.8%.

Data like sales figures and growth percentages are important for local businesses to know.  But a long list of percents and dollar signs can be an information overload.  Important data like these should be represented visually to achieve the best results.

If your business needs help representing data visually, consult DaVinci Business Graphics. We have over 25 years of experience providing businesses with high quality business charts.  We can help you create the necessary chart to monitor your business goals, monitor your project status, and better represent your data.

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