“Map of the Day: Avoid the Rude Areas of the USA”

Posted on September 7, 2012


Maps display a variety of important data.  They can help us plan trips, plan our business projects, and much more.  A digital map, recently released by Ukrainian-based web developer Vertaline, can help you determine the places you may want to avoid on your next road trip of the USA.  DaVinci Business Graphics presents our map of the day: the rude areas of America. 


The map, created by Vertaline, displays data collected from Twitter comments over a period of about 1 week in July.  There are actually 2 maps.  The first displays the frequency of negative comments, curse words, and obscene phrases posted on Twitter from around the country.  The second displays the frequency of positive comments like “good morning.”

It looks like the Northeastern US takes the prize for most obscenities posted on Twitter.  Though each map was adjusted to reflect the current day’s mood, the obscenities seemed to be cluttered around big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  Midwesterners seemed to be mostly silent, Tweeting much less than those in big cities, while Southerners seemed to have the most positive Tweets.

The experiment has garnered quite a bit of interest, according to Oleksandr Bondar, the co-founder and CEO of Vertaline.  Bondar said the company has received many requests for other maps and specific analytics examining “both nice and rude phrases,” particularly for European countries.

Maps can display data to help you make better decisions.  Whether you are traveling or setting up a new business, consult DaVinci Business Graphics to help you find the right map for your needs.  We create custom maps of anywhere in the USA.  You can add locations, demographics, sales data, and other information to make your map exactly what you need.

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Image 1 via mashable.com, Image 2 via cdn2-b.examiner.com, Image 3 via farm4.staticflickr.com, Image 4 via mapsales.com

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