Why are 75% of Companies Missing Sales?

Posted on September 13, 2012


Believe it or not, that number is correct.  Studies show that over 75% of companies are missing 3-8% of unrealized sales.  Why?  Today, DaVinci Business Graphics shows you how you can avoid being part of this statistic.  Make a few simple changes and gain more sales. 

  The answer: sales territories.  Creating the right territory for your leads and sales people is an important part of any sales strategy.  While many companies use sales territories to organize their customers and leads, their territories may not be aligned properly, leading to missed opportunities.  Align your sales territories to get more sales.

Properly aligning your sales territories does wonders for your business.  It balances the workload among your sales people, it reduces travel time, it increases the motivation of the sales force by providing equal incentive opportunities, and much more.

Many businesses undergo sales territory evaluation when they encounter a big change.  A large migration of customers from one location to another, a shift in demographics, or the release of a new product are all causes for a business to re-examine their territories.  After an in-depth evaluation, you should be ready to map out your new sales territories, complete and properly aligned.

Mapping out your sales territories is an important part of any sales strategy.  It lets you visualize your territories and clearly see how your resources are spread out among your sales people.  If you are looking for the most accurate sales territory maps, consult DaVinci Business Graphics.  We have been printing high quality sales territory maps (http://www.mapsales.com/sales-territory-wall-maps.aspx?flag=leftnav) for over 25 years.  Add demographics, locations, sales data, and other information to make your sales territory map exactly what you need.

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