3 Reasons You Should Update Your Sales Territories

Posted on September 19, 2012


Sales territories need to change to adapt to shifting markets, sales reps, and products.  Today, DaVinci Business Graphics, a leading provider of sales territory maps, shows you 3 reasons why you should consider updating your sales territories. 

 While it is important to leave your sales territories unaltered, giving your sales reps and clients a chance to become familiar with each other, there are a few situations that demand an update of your sales territories.

Firstly, as times change, New Products will need to become available to your customers.  The demands of consumers are never static, and your competitors know this.  Stay in touch with your market and offer them the products that they need.  A new product will necessitate a reevaluation of your sales territories and your sales plan.

Supply and demand is always shifting, bringing New Clients into your carefully planned out territories.  Annual evaluations can tell you which territories have an increasing or decreasing number of clients and prospects.  Adjust your territories to accommodate new clients.

Yearly updates are important not only to evaluate the number of clients in each territory, but also the number of sales and the performances of your sales reps.  Changes in any of these areas naturally lead to a Change in Your Sales Plan.  Evaluating the performances of your sales territories annually is critical to the management of your business.

If you’ve updated your sales territories and need help mapping them out, contact DaVinci.  We produce the highest quality sales territory maps.  Available as wall maps, digital maps, and map books, you can add demographics, locations, sales data, and other information to make your sales territory map exactly what you need.

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