Tips for Measuring your Business Progress

Posted on September 20, 2012


It’s important to have business goals.  But what’s even more important is making sure you are on track to attaining those goals.  DaVinci Business Graphics gives you some tips for ways to measure your business progress.  Keep your business on the right track with these tips. 


A new fiscal quarter is about to begin.  That means it’s time to set new goals for your business and begin new projects.  To make sure you are headed in the right direction, follow these steps:

Create Visual Tracking Tools.  You wouldn’t believe how helpful a simple graph or chart can be to measure your progress.  No one wants to read a statistical spread sheet or a 50-page report.  Charts and graphs condense important information, making them easier to read and understand.


Measure Frequently.  The more frequently you measure your progress, the better able you are to identify gaps.  Weekly, biweekly, and monthly evaluations help you adjust your strategy and keep you on track towards your goal.

Stay on Top of Your Game.  Make sure your business has the knowledge and skills to attain your business goals.  Experts say you should invest 5%-to-10% of your annual revenue on training and personal development for both yourself and your staff.  Attend seminars and workshops to acquire skills that will help you reach your goals.

If your business needs tools for measuring business goals or progress, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  We print high quality business charts made to your specifications.  We can use your colors, themes, and icons to create a measurement tool that will truly help your business.

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