Hispanic Retailer Targets New Demographic

Posted on September 21, 2012


Stores that predominantly cater to only one demographic may be limiting their market.  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look at a local Hispanic retailer that used demographics to expand its business.  How can you use demographic data to improve your business?


Curacao is a $400 million, 10-store chain located around the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.  The retail store sells jewelry, appliances, electronics, furniture, and toys; and up until now, it advertised exclusively to Spanish speakers.

The store chain was formerly known as La Curacao, but after extensive research they discovered that more than 35% of their customers preferred to shop using English.  So, they dropped the “La” from their name, printed their store signs in both English and Spanish, and began printing bilingual product catalogs.

By using English in their stores, Curacao is beginning to target both Hispanics and non-Hispanics that prefer to speak English.  They are creating a larger target market for their chain, and expanding their customer base.  Their research showed they were serving less than 10 percent of residents who live within five miles of their stores. Since 2006, Curacao’s same-store sales grew 10 percent.

Hopefully Curacao’s story gives you some ideas of how you can use demographics to improve your business.  If you’re looking for the highest quality demographic maps and data, contact DaVinci Business Graphics .  Our demographic maps help you target new markets, profile customers, evaluate new store locations, and more.

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