Map Activities for High Schoolers

Posted on September 26, 2012


Get your high school students interested in geography and teach them map skills with these fun activities.  DaVinci Business Graphics shows you some of the ways you can teach your high school students with maps. 


Topographic maps can teach students about geography and geology.  Have your students use topographic maps to identify the highest and lowest points in the US.  Mark these points onto a large US map.  Look at the differences between those areas that are relatively flat and those that have severe mountain ranges.  Why are these places so different?

You can also obtain a set of topographic maps and have your students compare and contrast different areas.  For a more in-depth lesson, compare the topographic maps to regular city maps of the same areas.  Discuss with your students how things like geology and topography affect urban development.

Here’s another interesting activity: have your students draw a map of their local area and identify the geologic features they find.  Things they may want to look at are soil and rock types, as well as any local hills, lakes, streams, etc.  Have them do outside research, but encourage them to do most of the drawing in the classroom.

Teaching your high school students about geography and map skills can expand their interest in the world around them.  If you are looking for maps to use in your classroom, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  We carry the largest selection of wall maps, including topographic, antique, world, and US maps.  Visit our maps store in Orange County, California today and we can help you find the right map for your classroom.

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