Worries of OC Business Owners; And How Maps Can Help

Posted on September 27, 2012


While many business owners in Orange County, California may be successful, they still have a lot to worry about.  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look at what exactly keeps OC business owners up at night, and how our maps can help alleviate some of their worries. 

Although worry is part of every entrepreneur’s job description, OC business owners take the concept to a whole new level.  “I have never experienced so many sleepless nights as I have these past 3 1/2 years,” one business owner said.  Officially, the recession ended in 2009, but recovery has been slow and business owners are doubtful of the future.

Uncertainty is a big part of it.  “The concern of sales going down due to the economy is a real one for many small businesses,” said Leila Mozaffari, director of the Orange County Small Business Development Center.  Manufacturing and delivery companies are encountering increasing prices due to rising fuel costs.

Even those businesses experiencing growth have their own share of worries.  Brandon Abbey, president of Escrow.com, says that “With success comes added responsibility and expectations.”  Many growing businesses wonder if they have enough staff and resources to service their new clients.

While there are many aspects of your business that you can’t control, there are many aspects that you can.  With maps from DaVinci Business Graphics, you can make better informed business decisions and alleviate some of your worries.

For those of you worried about declining sales, demographic maps can help you find new markets to target and discover new customers.  Cut fuel costs by using ZIP Code and carrier route maps to design more efficient delivery routes.  And for those of you worried about your business’s growth, territory maps can help you organize your clients into precise geographic territories.

Contact DaVinci Business Graphics today.  Our wall maps, map books, and digital maps can help you better manage your business. 

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