How Many Businesses are in the US’s Top Cities?

Posted on September 28, 2012


Where are most businesses located in America?  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look at the locations across the country where the highest concentration of businesses can be found. 


Let’s start with a simple term: business density.  Business density simply relates to how many businesses per square foot, per household or per person there are in a given area.  You can come up with any way to measure business density, but this particular study, commissioned by Arizona State University, has chosen to measure businesses per square mile.

The results aren’t surprising.  The number 1 city with the highest business density is New York City, with 79 businesses per square mile.  In number 2, the LA, Long Beach, Santa Ana metro area, with 68.7 businesses per square mile.  San Francisco, Boston and Miami round out the top 5, with a range of 47.9-33.1 businesses per square mile.

Knowing how many and what kind of businesses are in your area can help your business make better decisions.  Most business owners want to stay away from areas that present ample competition (like the cities mentioned above).  On the other hand, companies often look for business sites surrounded by complimentary services: a tire store next to an auto mechanic, a plant nursery next to a health food store, etc.

If you think knowing business locations across the country can help you, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  We can create custom maps displaying any business locations important to you: retail stores, hardware stores, car dealerships, etc.  We maintain the most current business listing information and can help you select a new business site or update your business mailing list.

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