Charting Apple’s iOS Update

Posted on October 2, 2012


DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look at the popularity of Apple’s new iOS update.  Check out this chart and see how many people updated in just the first day. 


When Apple announces a new product, it shakes the very foundations of the tech world.  Well, maybe it doesn’t do anything as dramatic as that.  But an announcement that Apple is updating to iOS 6 certainly creates a commotion.  And that’s exactly what happened 2 weeks ago.

Business Insider Intelligence provided the above chart to show just how many of Apple’s customers were scrambling to get the latest update.  In the 24 hours following Apple’s iOS update announcement, 15% of users updated to iOS 6.  Compare this number to Android: more than half of Android users are still using software from 2010.  Android’s newest software, Jelly Bean, was released 2 months ago and only accounts for 1.2% of Android devices.

Charting the number of users or the number of sales your company has is an important aspect of tracking progress.  To make sure you are on target with your goals, you need to have some way of measuring your business’s growth.  Visual tools, like the chart above, can be helpful in many different situations.  Evaluate your sales numbers, the progress of a project, the solutions for your problems…

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