Can One Simple Chart Fix the Economy?

Posted on October 9, 2012


Uncertainties surrounding the US’s economic problems have sparked everything from government intervention to civilian “Occupy” movements across the country.  Can one simple chart be the thing that fixes the economy?  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look. 

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According to Henry Blodget at, government intervention is not going to fix the economy.  It can’t.  The economy is made up of people, and people have to be the ones to mend it.  How?  Well let’s look at just a few points Blodget makes in his article.

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The health of any business (or economy) depends on the health of its consumers…and most consumers in America aren’t doing too well.  In America, consumers account for nearly 70% of spending in the economy.  When consumers are broke, businesses don’t spend because there is no one to sell to.

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The problem is NOT with the weak health or profitability of American companies. 

American companies are earning more as a percent of the economy than they ever have.  One reason they are earning so much is because they are paying very little to their rank-and-file employees.


So, Blodget arrives at this conclusion using the above chart: worker wages need to increase, and business profits need to decrease.  While it’s an interesting suggestion, many people will have a hard time believing that big companies would willingly hire more employees, pay more wages, and receive fewer profits.

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Blodget’s conclusion may be debatable, but his use of visual aids and charts makes his ideas logical and easy to follow.  A high quality chart can often make it easier for your audience to see the facts.  If you’re looking for charts to use as part of a business presentation or publication, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  Our custom business charts help you display your important data.

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