4 of the Fastest Growing Tourist Destinations

Posted on October 19, 2012


While the US, China, and France top the list of most visited countries last year, there are some up-and-coming countries that saw massive growth in tourism.  DaVinci Business Graphics looks at 4 of the fastest growing tourist destinations. 

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Panama saw the most growth in tourism out of any country in Central America.  Compared to 2010, Panama saw an 11% increase in tourist arrivals in 2011.  Panama has many exciting attractions for travelers, including the famous Panama Canal, the multicultural Panama City, and some of the best beaches in the Western Hemisphere.


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Southern Europe and the Mediterranean

Despite austerity measures and economic uncertainty, Greece, Italy, and much of Southern Europe saw a 10% increase in tourism last year.  The weakening economic climate most likely attracted those looking to travel for less.  19% of all European travel was to this region in 2011.


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Saudi Arabia

Despite an 8% decline in tourism to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia was a bright spot with a 60% increase in tourism in 2011.  This was probably a result of the government’s push to attract more travelers to the country.  Things to see in Saudi Arabia include museums, zoos, and some beautiful, ancient stone buildings.


Image via istanbulbusiness.com


A fast-growing tourist attraction, travel to Istanbul grew by 30% last year.  A city that boasts wonders of both the ancient and modern worlds, Istanbul offers some truly unique tourist attractions.  You can explore the marvels of the ancient Ottoman and Byzantine empires, and traverse the expansive Galata Bridge which links the two sides of European Istanbul.


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