City Spotlight: New Orleans, Birthplace of Jazz

Posted on October 22, 2012


Learn about your favorite cities with maps!  At DaVinci Business Graphics, we provide educational and decorative maps to help you learn more about the countries, states, and cities that interest you.  Today, we shine our city spotlight on the birthplace of jazz: New Orleans, Louisiana.      

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When architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe first set foot on New Orleans soil back in 1819, he commented that everything had an “odd look.”  Latrobe wrote of New Orleans at the end of his first day in the city; it was “impossible not to stare at a sight wholly new, even to one who has traveled much in Europe and America.”  Many new and exciting things have come from New Orleans since the 1800’s, including jazz: a wholly American musical style.


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Jazz could have no other birthplace than New Orleans–a city known for its ethnically diverse population of African-Americans, Creoles, and Europeans.  In the 1890’s, African-American and Creole musicians began playing a form of blues that integrated spiritual melodies and improvisational instrumental techniques.  Back then there was no name for this type of music.


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When New Orleans started overflowing with talented jazz musicians, the “Great Migration” began.  New Orleans jazz musicians moved north to cities like Chicago and New York—places where jazz had never been heard before.  During the prohibition era in the 1920’s, jazz bands were the main attractions at speakeasies.


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While many opposed this new form of music—claiming that it was a sound better suited for scaring off bears than for listening to—true innovators began to emerge in the genre.  Innovators like Louis Armstrong and the King and Carter Jazzing Orchestra.  Jazz has since evolved, spawning genres like bebop and swing, but New Orleans will always be remembered as the birthplace of this revolutionary musical form.


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