How to Track Business Progress

Posted on October 23, 2012


Measure the success of any aspect of your business.  If you need a way to track your business progress, take a look at a few of DaVinci Business Graphics’ recommendations. 

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First, find out what you want to measure.  Most businesses choose to measure economic gains, but others choose to measure number of employees, company size, interaction with investors, and other details.  Feel free to track more than one variable at a time, but make sure those variables are clearly defined.


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Use spreadsheets and timetables. By recording details on paper, you can better see what is changing and what still needs to be done. You can create different spreadsheets for financial progress, business transactions and achievements.


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Establish benchmarks to track your business progress. Rather than setting a few large goals, think of “step” goals that can take less time to achieve. Not only does this give you a sense of accomplishment, but it also helps you track changes in the company.


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Follow these steps and you will be able to measure almost any aspect of your business.  If you need visual tools to help you track your progress, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  We create custom business charts to help you measure the progress of your business.  Choose the layout, colors, and content for your business chart.


Contact DaVinci Business Graphics today.  Our business charts can lead to big improvements in your business

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