Chart of the Day: The Future of Mobile Advertising

Posted on October 24, 2012


This year, mobile sales outperformed PC sales.  What does this mean for the business and advertising world?  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look at the future of mobile advertising and our chart of the day. 


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Smartphones are rapidly becoming the most common device connected to the internet.  This could mean big changes in the business world.  For instance: business websites are going to have to become compatible with mobile web browsing, more and more companies are going to have to create mobile apps…The way businesses and customers interact with the internet is about to change.


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The chart above illustrates some interesting points.  First, mobile usage has—and will continue to—grow exponentially.  There are over 1 billion smartphones in use today, and with 6 billion “dumbphones” still on the market, there is definitely room for growth.  The mobile ad market is still relatively small.  Marketers aren’t willing to spend too much of their budget on mobile ads since mobile advertising is still a relatively new (and sometimes intrusive) industry.


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But, companies are developing new and innovative ways to advertise on mobile devices.  Sponsored stories seem to be one of the preferred ways to advertise on mobile.  Facebook created a mobile sponsored story business with a run rate of $180 million in almost no time.


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