Why Demographics Are Important For Your Business

Posted on November 2, 2012


Who uses your products?  Where will your services be the most useful?  Demographics can help you answer these questions and better serve your community in the process.  DaVinci Business Graphics shows you why demographics are important for your business. 


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The US is more diverse now than it has been in the past few decades.  But for most businesses, tracking demographic trends is low on the priority list when compared to the daily chaos of overseeing sales, accounting, hiring, and technology.  Unfortunately, these businesses that are ignoring demographic trends are also missing out on opportunities.


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Consider the example of Antonio Swad.  Swad moved from Ohio to Dallas in 1986 to start his own pizzeria.  Realizing that he was located in an area with a large concentration of Hispanic consumers, he changed his eatery’s name to Pizza Patrón and focused his marketing efforts on the Latino community.


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It wasn’t an easy decision to make.  Swad was completely unversed in Latino culture, but he made an effort to appeal to his local demographic.  He hired bilingual employees for customer interaction positions, dedicated time and money to developing a large community service presence, and even allowed some customers to pay in pesos.  His strategy must have worked: today, Pizza Patrón operates 95 stores in six states, with 13 more in the works.


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What did Swad learn about the importance of demographics?  He says business owners need to “engage with a community–and examine its needs–before jumping in.”  You can gain valuable insights into your customers’ needs with a demographic map.  Demographic maps help you visualize things like age, race, gender, and income for the neighborhoods surrounding your business.


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DaVinci Business Graphics offers the most accurate, up-to-date demographic maps of anywhere in the US.  We use the highest quality demographic data to create demographic maps you can rely upon.


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