Tracking States’ Votes Throughout History

Posted on November 6, 2012


Has California always voted Democrat?  Has the South always been strongly Republican?  DaVinci Business Graphics tracks the voting patterns of states throughout the US’s political history. 



California: A Republican Past

Though in the last few decades, California has been regarded as a “solid blue” state, there was a time when California was voting almost exclusively Republican.  In the Bush, Dukakis election of 1988, California voted Republican, and it did the same during both of Reagan’s (a former California Governor) bids for the White House.


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Alabama: All Over the Map

A solid red state by today’s counts, Alabama has had a tricky political history.  From the 1960 elections through the 1980 elections, Alabama was literally all across the board.  It changed from a blue state, to a red state, back to a blue state, back to a red state, and once again to a blue state before cementing itself as a strongly Republican-leaning state.


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Washington, DC: Solid Blue

Since voting for Lyndon Johnson in 1964, DC has voted Democrat in every presidential election.  During any given election year, the percent of DC residents that vote for the Democratic nominee were anywhere from 70-90%.  That’s quite a bit more than a majority.  Click Here for a detailed graphic of the history of States’ Votes. 


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