Charting the US’s Future in Oil Production

Posted on November 9, 2012


During an election year, energy, fuel, and oil are all hot topics for discussion.  Looking at a new chart produced by Business Insider, we can see that the US may in fact have a future producing and exporting its own oil.  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look. 


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Like many of the world’s most populated countries, the US is on the global hunt for oil and gas.  And it has lead us to searching for oil in one of the most unlikely of places: our own backyard.  With new oil discoveries in the US and Canada, experts believe that within 5 years North America will account for 75% of the world’s crude oil production.


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Decreases in the North Sea

While the US is finding new oil deposits and increasing its export of fuel, other global oil sources are not doing so well.  The North Sea, a once prolific source of fossil fuels, has experienced a 46% drop in production over the last decade.  Check the chart above.


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Gas Prices Remain High

This trend is similar to what we’re seeing across the globe with Mexico, Venezuela, Egypt, and other once-prolific oil production zones.  But while the U.S. accounts for most of the new oil production growth on a global scale – natural depletion is still holding global prices relatively high.


Charting the progress of America’s crude exports can help experts decide if the US’s oil industry has a future.  Charts can help us set goals, realize solutions, and monitor the progress of our businesses.  If you are looking for a high quality business chart to help you manage your business, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  We provide custom charts to help you visualize any data important to you.


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