Charting Sandy’s Destructive Path

Posted on November 13, 2012


Hurricane Sandy may be over, but the effects of its vicious force will not be soon forgotten.  DaVinci Business Graphics charts Hurricane Sandy’s destructive path. 


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Although it touched down on the US’s east coast nearly 2 weeks ago, the reverberations of Sandy’s power are still felt today.  Power and internet access have yet to fully return to 100% of the Eastern Seaboard.  With areas along the Jersey Shore and other locations nearly unrecognizable, just how destructive was Hurricane Sandy?


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Sandy’s power left nearly 8 million people without electricity, it lead to 15,000 cancelled flights, 7 flooded subway tunnels in New York, and a devastating loss of life and property.  When looking at the chart below, courtesy of Business Insider, we can see just how costly Sandy was compared to other historic hurricanes.


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The costliest hurricane in US history was Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Gulf coast back in 2005, causing nearly $106 billion in damages.  Sandy would rank #2 on the chart, with an estimated $50 billion in damages caused already—just behind is Hurricane Andrew which caused $46 billion worth of damages.  Time will tell if Sandy has inflicted damage not yet discovered by officials.


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