Privacy Concerns Give Rise to Map-Blurring Services

Posted on November 14, 2012


In Germany, privacy is a big concern for citizens.  That’s why several mapping companies, such as Google Maps and Nokia, have begun offering map-blurring services for their online maps.  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look. 


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If you’ve visited Google Maps recently, you will notice a few things.  Their Street View option offers great, 3D images for almost anywhere in the world.  But not every detail is visible.  Especially in Germany


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Back in May 2010, German authorities poked around the issue of what information Google collected via its Street View cars, eventually leading to the search engine giant’s admission that it pulled personal information from unsecured WiFi networks. Thus began what has been an ongoing series of privacy concerns in Germany regarding online map services.


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Luckily, companies including Google, Nokia, and Microsoft have banded together to do a bit of self policing.  German residents with privacy concerns can visit the website and file a complaint regarding an image of, for example, an exposed license plate or other issue. The complaint will then be reviewed by the relevant company and the image blurred if necessary.


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Experts believe this act of self-regulation will benefit everyone.  But a great lesson to be learned from this situation is the importance of where mapping data comes from.  Are the maps that you’re using reliable?  Do they come from legitimate sources?


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