4 Tips for Assessing Your Business Problems and Finding Solutions

Posted on November 15, 2012


DaVinci Business Graphics is here to help you deal with problems that can (and most likely will) arise in your company.  Managing a business is hard work.  Use these tips to asses your problems and find solutions. 


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Fix what you can instead of playing the blame game.  It’s easier to blame some one than to fix a problem yourself.  Suppliers can be late, the economy can be troublesome, and customers can be difficult, but what makes a winner is what they do about the problems they can solve.


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Fix the right problem.  You’ve got to find the cause of your problem, and fix it.  If sales are slow, managers will often be harder on their sales people.  But most likely they’re already doing a good job, and the problem is somewhere else, like marketing. Remember: the cause of a problem is almost never where the symptom shows up. Find the cause and fix it; you can’t fix a symptom.


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If the problem comes back, find out why, and fix it.  If your product has a defective part, you simply replace the defective part and you’re all set, right?  Wrong.  How do you know more defects won’t arrive in the future?  Here’s what you do in this situation: confirm with your supplier that there will be no future defects.  Adjust your contracts and add a penalty for defective parts, and change the way you choose suppliers.


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Listen to your team.  There is an old joke that a consultant is somebody that listens to the employees, tells management what they are saying and takes a fee for it.  Avoid that fee by really listening to your employees.  Ask each person on your team for three problems that you can fix to make their lives easier.  Once you’ve helped them, they’ll be ready to help you and the company.


A business works best when all its issues have been addressed.  If you’ve found issues in your company that need to be fixed, a visual aid might be just the thing you need to find solutionsDaVinci Business Graphics provides high quality business charts to help you better manage your business.  Our custom charts can help you measure progress, set goals, and visualize solutions for your problems.


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