How Many Ways Can You Map The US?

Posted on November 27, 2012


Maps are interesting visual interpretations of geography and location.  They can be made to represent near-limitless amounts of data.  But how many different ways can maps represent the US?  DaVinci Business Graphics looks at some interesting, challenging, and humorous maps of America.  

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As we all know, America is recognized worldwide for its obesity problems.  Where does each state fall on the obesity scale?  This map displays the fittest and fattest states.


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Have you ever asked yourself, what would a map of the US look like if each state were represented by a TV show?  The guys over at Geekologie are way ahead of you.


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There have been a lot of UFO sightings over the last few decades.  Ever since we’ve been able to record these sightings, we’ve been mapping the findings, and here’s what a map of UFO sightings in the US looks like.


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A McDonald’s restaurant is never hard to find.  This map has GeoCoded the exact locations of the 12,800 McDonald’s restaurants throughout the 48 contiguous states.


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Police misconduct is a serious problem for many counties throughout the US, although some places have more to worry about than others.  Take a look.


Maps can be made to represent almost anything: any piece of data, any set of images, any information you can think of.  Custom maps are useful visual tools for all kinds of applications.  If you need a way to visually represent data, try a mapDaVinci Business Graphics creates custom charts and maps according to your specifications.  You decide the look, style, and content of your map.

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