Spice Up Your Business Presentation With a Custom Chart

Posted on November 29, 2012


An image is worth a thousand words.  DaVinci Business Graphics helps you find ways to use charts and graphs in your business presentation. 


Image via professionaldigest.com

Presentations are commonplace in the business world.  If you are putting together a business plan, reporting sales numbers, or trying to secure financing, you will need to construct a convincing presentation.  If you are pitching to a venture capitalist or a loan officer, not only are you going to need to put together a convincing presentation, but you you’re going to need to make your presentation stand out.


Image via davincibg.com

Live by the motto “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  If you can replace boring text with lively and colorful visuals, do it.  A chart or graph in your business presentation can certainly liven things up and make your message more powerful.  But remember, a chart should not duplicate text, nor should text repeat what a chart is illustrating.


A chart should do two things: it should simplify complex information, and it should reinforce your overall message.  The next time you need to present to your coworkers, managers, or investors, try spicing things up; make yourself stand out with a custom chart.


Image via asdm.com.au

With DaVinci Business Graphics, you can add corporate logos and custom graphics to your business chart.  Decide the look, content, and format of your chart, or choose from one of our standard options—such as a thermometer goal chart, a progress monitor chart, and more.


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