Maps Help Students Go Beyond Borders

Posted on December 5, 2012


Maps are great tools for addressing questions about geography, cultures, and different peoples across the globe.  DaVinci Business Graphics shows you how a map of Europe can help your students go beyond borders. 


Political Wall Map of Europe

Have a few maps of Europe ready before starting this activity with your students: one political map, showing country and city borders, and one physical map, showing mountain ranges and other physical geography.


Have your students work in groups and collect all the information they know about the peoples and regions of Europe.  Have them create their own maps of the borders, physical, and human geography in Europe.  They should create a list of questions they may have at the end of the activity.


After you have addressed some of their basic questions, start looking at individual countries in Europe.  First, explore the physical geography of the countries and have your students work out how the size, shape, and physical features might affect the human activities within the country.


After your students have learned about the different countries and cultures in Europe, show them some pictures of different regions throughout the continent.  See if they can use geographic clues within the photos to learn more about the subjects shown.  Are the regions and peoples of Europe as different as they originally thought they were?


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When your students have completed these activities, have them draw another map of Europe.  Tell them to incorporate as much information as they can about the people, cultures, and physical features across the continent.


Map activities like these not only help your students learn about geography, but they also help them gain a better understanding of the different cultures around the globe.


Maps can teach your students to go beyond borders.  If you’re looking for educational wall maps for your classroom, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  We carry the largest selection of world, continent, country, and thematic wall maps.  See our collection of over 200,000 wall maps.


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