Visualizing Company Goals…The Fun Way

Posted on December 6, 2012


Company goals shouldn’t weigh you down.  Company goals should be lively, interactive, and fun.  DaVinci Business Graphics shows you fun and interesting ways to help your employees visualize company goals. 


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A business is more productive when its management and employees are knowledgeable about company goals.  But sometimes working towards those goals can get stressful.  Employees often become disillusioned and goals begin to feel unattainable.  The good news: things don’t have to be this way.


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How do you notify your employees of company goals?  Do you send weekly emails?  Monthly memos?  While notifying employees of how close they are to their goals can be beneficial, looking purely at sales figures and conversion rates can become tedious.  Use a custom chart to help your employees visualize goals and have fun.


Thermometer Goal Chart

A thermometer chart is a great way to measure the progress of your goals.  It gives your employees a fun visual to look at (which you can customize with graphics, text, and photos).  With a thermometer chart, you can add more to the thermometer each time you meet any part of your goal, showing you how every sale or transaction adds to the overall company goal.


Magnetic charts are also great ways to visualize goals.  Use custom magnets and designs to make each additional step towards your goal fun and productive.


Magnetic Business Calendar

Tracking goals can be a fantastic way to have fun while working toward something bigger.  If you need a custom chart to help add some fun to your workplace, contact Davinci Business Graphics.  We create thermometer charts, project monitors, and custom charts to help you track any part of your business.  We can help you create custom graphics and designs to make your chart exactly what you need.


Contact DaVinci Business Graphics today.  Our charts give you fun ways to better visualize company goals