City Spotlight: The Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul

Posted on December 10, 2012


Learn about your favorite cities with maps!  At DaVinci Business Graphics, we provide maps of the countries, states, and cities that interest you.  Today, we shine our city spotlight on two cities that have had an ongoing rivalry for over a hundred years: Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota


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Why are Minneapolis and St. Paul referred to as the Twin Cities of Minnesota?  Because they are Minnesota’s two largest cities and just happen to be located right next to each other.  Minnesotans refer to them as the Dual Cities or just, the Cities.  But these two areas have very separate and unique identities, and they’ll do whatever it takes to prove it.


Minneapolis is the younger of the two cities, displaying a modern skyline of skyscrapers. St. Paul, on the other hand, is more likened to a European city with quaint neighborhoods and a vast collection of well preserved late-Victorian architecture.  A rivalry has existed between the two cities since their establishment nearly 140 years ago.  Rumor has it that both cities kidnapped the other’s Census taker for the 1890 Census, in an effort to keep either city from outgrowing the other.


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After St. Paul completed its elaborate Cathedral in 1915, Minneapolis quickly followed up with the equally ornate Basilica of St. Mary.  The rivalry only grew worse over time.  A 1923 baseball game between the Minneapolis Millers and the St. Paul Saints erupted in violence.  The two cities couldn’t even agree on a specific date for Daylight Savings Time, resulting in a few weeks where Minneapolis was one hour ahead of St. Paul.


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Has the rivalry calmed down any?  A bit.  Largely thanks to the arrival of the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Twins (the Twins were specifically named for BOTH cities).  Ever since their arrival in the 1960’s, the tradition has been to name any sports franchise after the state as a whole rather than either city.  While the cities have mostly put aside their rivalry, they still both work hard to reinforce their unique identities.


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