Orange County’s Evolving Food Scene

Posted on December 13, 2012


Orange County, California has always had a vibrant and varied community of restaurants.  But with the addition of these new and innovative locations, we are beginning to see an evolution in the OC food scene.  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look. 


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OC Pizza

OrangeCounty has seen a large influx of restaurants serving custom, gourmet pizzas that are cooked and ready to take home in just 2 minutes.  Pieology is one of those restaurants.  Crowned as the “Chipotle of pizzerias,” Pieology has two locations in OrangeCounty, one in Irvine and one in Fullerton.  Their build-your-own-pizza style has helped bolster the restaurant’s popularity among college-age students who value choice and freedom in their food options.


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Shifting Entertainment

Dave & Busters, a haven for loud arcade-driven birthday parties, is trying to get more sports enthusiasts through its doors.  A recent remodel and a new name—the D & B Sports Lounge and Bar—were designed to target the sports crowd.  Their new dining areas and a 15-foot HD TV will surely do the trick.


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Tea and Coffee

Portola Coffee Lab has quickly found its niche.  Placing an emphasis on quality, the small Costa Mesa shop has attracted coffee aficionados from around the county.   With its popularity growing, Portola plans to unveil its new venture, Seventh Tea Bar, this month.  Offering over 100 teas as well as biscuits, scones, and tea sandwiches, the owners of Portola are hoping to add new customers to their already eclectic following.


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OrangeCounty is bursting with lively snack shops, innovative restaurant franchises, and an evolving food scene.  What better way to attack the OC food scene than with a map.  DaVinci Business Graphics is Orange County’s map store.  We offer the largest selection of maps of Orange County, California, and the world.  Mark all your favorite restaurant locations on one of our wall maps or plan your next foodie road trip with one of our map books.


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