Great Ideas for your Monthly Business Calendar

Posted on December 14, 2012


Whether you use it for visualizing marketing campaigns or for scheduling special discounts, a monthly calendar is a great way to organize and focus your business.  DaVinci Business Graphics gives you some great ideas for your monthly business calendar. 


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Monthly Marketing

Companies typically plan their marketing campaigns months in advance.  With a regular monthly marketing calendar, you can highlight days for new product launches, write in special offer schedules, and more.  Using a large format monthly calendar will help your sales people visualize all marketing activities for the month.  Sharing a single marketing calendar with your office will ensure that your whole team knows which offers to promote and when to promote them.


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Scheduling Discounts

A great way to get customers excited about your products is by offering a discount.  Consumers love discounts and if you schedule them correctly, they can really boost your sales.  Using a monthly calendar, you can highlight the scheduled discount day.  Insights from employees and sales people can help you choose the right day for your monthly discounts.


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Employee Schedules

A monthly calendar can help your team plan ahead.  Employees can select their vacation days in advance and mark them on the calendar.  Sales people will know who they have to cover for on certain days, and management will be able to plan scheduling with ease.


A large format monthly calendar will keep your team knowledgeable about marketing campaigns, employee schedules, vacation days, and much more.  If you need to visualize important business dates, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  We provide high-quality custom calendars to businesses across the US and Canada.  Select the look, content, and design of your business calendar.  Choose from monthly, bimonthly, quarterly…all the way up to 12-month calendars.  We also offer a large selection of calendar sizes and finishing options.


Contact Davinci Business Graphics today.  Use our business calendars to stay organized and plan ahead