Satellite Maps and the Nighttime Earth

Posted on December 27, 2012


Satellite images have given us new perspectives and new views of our planet.  Today, DaVinci Business Graphics shows you some amazing satellite maps and images. 


National Geographic Satellite World Wall Map

NASA recently released some amazing images from its Suomi NPP satellite.  The images show the Earth like you’ve never seen it before.  New infrared technology allows the satellite to render images of the Earth at nighttime, distinguishing man-made light sources from natural light sources.  The result is a beautifully lit up picture of the nighttime Earth.


Big cities around the world like Los Angeles, Chicago, Cairo, and Paris stick out like shinning beacons.  Take a look at some of the images, courtesy of


Images via


Satellite wall maps make beautiful displays for your home or office, but they are so much more than décor items.  Satellite maps help us forget about things like boundaries and border disputes, and they remind us that we are all small parts of a large world.


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