2012 in Maps

Posted on January 3, 2013


2012 was certainly eventful.  How did maps help us visualize important events throughout the year?  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look. 


USA Political Wall Map

2012 came and went so quickly.  In the US, we navigated our way through an election, a destructive hurricane, and the looming Mayan apocalypse.  One of the biggest map stories of the year dealt with Apple’s less than perfect mapping application.


Image via yahoo.com

This September, Apple decided to ditch its Google Maps-powered map app for iPhones, and replace it with a map app of its own design.  The result was a glitch-ridden navigation system that stirred up a media frenzy.  Apple’s application was clearly not as refined as Google Maps’.  Location data was incorrect, navigation was way off, and the street detail left something to be desired.  Starting in 2013, Google Maps will once again be available for the iPhone.


Image via wikimedia.org

Maps played a big role in this year’s presidential election.  While electoral votes for California, Hawaii, and New York were more or less guaranteed to go to president Obama, the results for Battleground States such as Ohio, Florida, and Indiana were less clear.  Almost every 24-hour news station displayed a digital map of these states, broken down into individual counties, analyzing demographic data and voting statistics to try and pick a winner.  In the end, Obama won another 4 years.


Hurricane Sandy was obviously one of the biggest stories of the year.  It displaced thousands of people along America’s East Coast and shut down the biggest city in the country for several days.  Organizers, volunteers, and federal workers used flood maps to help evacuate those in New Jersey’s and New York’s danger zones.  Digital maps also helped track weather patterns and the spread of power outages.


Maps certainly made headlines in 2012 multiple times.  The visual intuitiveness of a map makes it the ideal medium for communicating geographic, demographic, and location-based issues.  Maps can be made to help you visualize almost any piece of information.


If you need a custom map for your business, nonprofit organization, or research group, contact DaVinci Business Graphics.  We create custom digital maps, wall maps, and map books, made to your specifications.  You select the coverage area, the look, and the content of your custom map.  We can even add locations, territories, demographics, and crime data to your map.


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