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2012 in Maps

January 3, 2013


2012 was certainly eventful.  How did maps help us visualize important events throughout the year?  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look.    2012 came and went so quickly.  In the US, we navigated our way through an election, a destructive hurricane, and the looming Mayan apocalypse.  One of the biggest map stories of the year […]

Spice Up Your Business Presentation With a Custom Chart

November 29, 2012


An image is worth a thousand words.  DaVinci Business Graphics helps you find ways to use charts and graphs in your business presentation.    Presentations are commonplace in the business world.  If you are putting together a business plan, reporting sales numbers, or trying to secure financing, you will need to construct a convincing presentation.  […]

How Many Ways Can You Map The US?

November 27, 2012


Maps are interesting visual interpretations of geography and location.  They can be made to represent near-limitless amounts of data.  But how many different ways can maps represent the US?  DaVinci Business Graphics looks at some interesting, challenging, and humorous maps of America.   As we all know, America is recognized worldwide for its obesity problems.  […]

Geography of the World’s Millionaires

November 16, 2012


Where do the wealthiest individuals live?  DaVinci Business Graphics maps out the locations of the world’s millionaires.    Although the number of millionaires has shrunk worldwide, it is still a Golden Age for the wealthy, particularly in the US.  Last year, the United States’ millionaire’s club grew by about 1 million members.  Europe, however, lost […]

Chart of the Day: What are Consumers Buying on their Smartphones?

November 1, 2012


Smartphone use has increased exponentially over the last few years.  What have shoppers been using their smartphones for?  DaVinci Business Graphics looks at what consumers are buying on their smartphones in our Chart of the Day.    Mobile device usage is driving an increasing amount of customer traffic to ecommerce sites.  US mobile commerce hit […]

Which US Cities Use the Most Gas?

October 17, 2012


With gas prices on almost everyone’s minds (especially those of us in California), DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look at some of the top gas-consuming cities in the country.  Areas with larger populations consume more gas.  It’s a known fact.  But what’s interesting about the new map released by The Atlantic Cities is that it […]

Mapping the Melting Arctic

October 10, 2012


Just how much of the Arctic’s sea ice has melted away in the last few decades?  Thanks to a new interactive map released by NASA, we can see how much the Arctic ecosystem has changed.  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look at the melting Arctic. Image via NASA recently released some shocking news: Arctic sea ice […]