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Satellite Maps and the Nighttime Earth

December 27, 2012


Satellite images have given us new perspectives and new views of our planet.  Today, DaVinci Business Graphics shows you some amazing satellite maps and images.    NASA recently released some amazing images from its Suomi NPP satellite.  The images show the Earth like you’ve never seen it before.  New infrared technology allows the satellite to […]

Australian Scientists ‘Undiscover’ An Island

December 11, 2012


We’d like to think that maps are 100% accurate, that the information they show us is the absolute truth.  This, however, is not always the case.  DaVinci Business Graphics looks at the recently ‘undiscovered’ Sandy Island.    Sandy Island was thought to exist somewhere between Australia and New Caledonia.  Explorer James Cook was the fist […]

Mapping the Melting Arctic

October 10, 2012


Just how much of the Arctic’s sea ice has melted away in the last few decades?  Thanks to a new interactive map released by NASA, we can see how much the Arctic ecosystem has changed.  DaVinci Business Graphics takes a look at the melting Arctic. Image via NASA recently released some shocking news: Arctic sea ice […]