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Chart of the Day: America’s Manufacturing Comeback

December 7, 2012


People talk a lot about how America ships a substantial amount of its manufacturing jobs overseas.   But what many people miss is how big America’s manufacturing industry is at home.  DaVinci Business Graphics shares a few charts that demonstrate the size and importance of America’s manufacturing industry.    According to a series of charts released […]

City Spotlight: Savannah, Georgia: America’s Best Downtown

November 5, 2012


Learn about your favorite cities with maps!  At DaVinci Business Graphics, we provide educational and decorative maps to help you learn more about the countries, states, and cities that interest you.  Today, we shine our city spotlight on a city with one of the greatest downtown areas in the country: Savannah, Georgia.  When you think […]

“Map of the Day: Avoid the Rude Areas of the USA”

September 7, 2012


Maps display a variety of important data.  They can help us plan trips, plan our business projects, and much more.  A digital map, recently released by Ukrainian-based web developer Vertaline, can help you determine the places you may want to avoid on your next road trip of the USA.  DaVinci Business Graphics presents our map […]