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Great Ideas for your Monthly Business Calendar

December 14, 2012


Whether you use it for visualizing marketing campaigns or for scheduling special discounts, a monthly calendar is a great way to organize and focus your business.  DaVinci Business Graphics gives you some great ideas for your monthly business calendar.    Monthly Marketing Companies typically plan their marketing campaigns months in advance.  With a regular monthly marketing […]

Visualizing Company Goals…The Fun Way

December 6, 2012


Company goals shouldn’t weigh you down.  Company goals should be lively, interactive, and fun.  DaVinci Business Graphics shows you fun and interesting ways to help your employees visualize company goals.    A business is more productive when its management and employees are knowledgeable about company goals.  But sometimes working towards those goals can get stressful.  […]

Sales Territory Maps Help Your Business Achieve Balance

November 30, 2012


When your business deals with a high volume of sales and a wide range of clients, things can get a bit confusing.  A sales territory map can help organize and balance your business.  DaVinci Business Graphics shows you how.    The purpose of sales territories is to create balance among your salespeople and clients.  In […]

3 Reasons You Should Update Your Sales Territories

September 19, 2012


Sales territories need to change to adapt to shifting markets, sales reps, and products.  Today, DaVinci Business Graphics, a leading provider of sales territory maps, shows you 3 reasons why you should consider updating your sales territories.   While it is important to leave your sales territories unaltered, giving your sales reps and clients a chance […]

Why are 75% of Companies Missing Sales?

September 13, 2012


Believe it or not, that number is correct.  Studies show that over 75% of companies are missing 3-8% of unrealized sales.  Why?  Today, DaVinci Business Graphics shows you how you can avoid being part of this statistic.  Make a few simple changes and gain more sales.    The answer: sales territories.  Creating the right territory for your […]