Helping Your Business Reach the Next Level: Setting Goals for 2013

Posted on January 4, 2013


You may have worked hard to establish and grow your company, but have you hit a plateau recently?  Make 2013 the year that your business reaches the next level.  DaVinci Business Graphics shows you how. 



Set Specific Long Term Goals

To help your business reach the next level, you need to be precise in setting your goals.  If you are making $500,000-$650,000 in annual revenues, shoot for $1 million.  If you only have 200 followers on your company Facebook page, shoot for 1,000 followers by the end of the year.  Make your goals specific and evaluate your progress monthly to identify any obstacles that stand between you and your goals.


Focus Your Strategy

Your business’ strategies should be simple.  Whether it is your marketing strategy or your sales strategy, any mission that cannot be easily articulated is too complicated.  Start simplifying your strategy.


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Don’t Go it Alone

You may be hesitant about adding new employees, managers, or marketing consultants, but take a look at the numbers.  If a new employee can bring in more revenue, they just might be worth it.  Don’t be hesitant about growing your operation.


If you think your business has reached its pinnacle, think again.  There are many ways your business can reach the next level.  Use the New Year as an opportunity to set new goals and make necessary changes to your business.


To visualize your goals and measure your progress, try using a thermometer goal chart.  A thermometer goal chart is a simple, effective tool for visualizing contributions to long term goals.  Contact DaVinci Business Graphics today for a custom thermometer goal chart made to your specifications.


Our charts can help you visualize goals, measure progress, and better organize your business.  Contact us today